Interested in Retaining Frank Snepp for Professional Services?

Here’s What he Can Do for You.

Risk Assessment on Security Issues for Corporate Clients:

Snepp’s background as a CIA analyst and investigative journalist can be applied to determine what security risks you face when you take your business into a new foreign market.

Media Producer Services:
Need to put your business or favorite interest in a visual perspective? Snepp’s impressive background in dramatic TV writing and TV news production can be made to work for you. He can provide the camera crew and necessary editing facilities and shoot, write and produce a video presentation to meet your requirements.

Media Training — How to Handle Mike Wallace:
If you’re an honest corporate executive or an innocent victim facing aggressive questioning by a skeptical journalist, Frank Snepp can help you put your best face forward. Drawing on his experience as a professional interrogator and investigative TV journalist, he can teach you how to deal candidly with tough questions without losing your cool and how to turn the interview into a positive reflection of what you know to be the truth. Cover-up artists needn’t apply here. But anyone with an honest story to tell can benefit from Snepp’s hands-on knowledge of interviewing techniques.

Expert Editorial Assistance:
Having trouble making your business letters sing … your company brochure or newsletter lively and readable? Stuck on a manuscript or screenplay you can’t complete? As a best-selling author with extensive background in magazine and screenwriting, Snepp can help you past your writer’s block and turn lackluster prose into a luminous reflection of your finest inspiration.

Consulting, Lecturing:
If you’re a movie maker or TV producer, teacher or a speaker’s agent, or a social or intellectual group in need of an expert lecturer and/or consultant on national securityVietnam, the CIAspycraftManuel Noriega, the latest national scandal from Iran-contra to Monica Lewinsky, TV journalisminvestigative reporting or First Amendment law and censorship, Snepp can fill the bill. If you’re interested in his own experiences or his latest writings, just reserve him a place in your speaker’s schedule.

Legal Assistance, Expert Witness:
If you’re a lawyer trying a national security case and need an expert witness or advice on how to investigate a particular secrecy or security issue, Frank Snepp’s vast experience can be placed at your disposal.

Research, Discreet Investigative Work:
Snepp can perform these services too.

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